Brake & Clutch Repairs

Brakes are directly linked with safety thus making them one of the essential car components whose functionality cannot be neglected. It is fundamental to have the car brakes in top-notch condition for your safety and everyone around you. When it comes to car brakes and repair services, the experts at Car Service Perth are experts in providing basic to advanced brake adjustment services that ensure phenomenal performance. As brakes are associated with safety, while you drive there is no point in taking any chances if you are experiencing any signs which indicate its due to servicing or repairing.

Some signs of Brake failures are:

  1. Brake light On
  2. Grinding Noise
  3. Scraping Noise while braking
  4. Fluid Leakage
  5. Car Pulling to one side as soon as you apply the brake
  6. Burning Smell

Brakes are just like any other car part that needs regular servicing and maintenance for top class functionality for years to come. Our customer satisfaction is valuable to us, hence at our service centre, we do not believe in taking a short route or cutting corners to repair any car component. All the braking accessories utilised by us are quality tested, making us the best in business for brakes and car clutch services.

Our Brake And Clutch Repair Service

Our braking experts will examine and repair your entire braking system by using their years of experience working on different cars and modernised tools. We cover the range of services associated with brakes and auto clutch repair services.

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Brake pad Replacement
car brake replacement
Diagnosing the brake and slides
Disc rotor Cleaning
car brakes service
Refilling Brake Fluid
brakes services
Fine-tuning Wheel bearing Diagnosement
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Pre and Post car brake repair services

From Basic Brake Maintenance to its Replacement,
Get Everything at Car Service Perth

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How Mechanic at Car Service Perth Can help You with your car brake and clutch related issues

Our commitment to extraordinary service has made us Perth’s trusted auto repair shop where you can get a complete solution to any car repair issue. Below are some of the reasons which make us best in business.

Experienced Brake repair mechanics:

Our brake specialists have many years of experience in car repairing of all makes and models. We provide peace of mind to our customers by guiding them to best practises in car repair services.

Modernised Set of tools and equipment:

We understand the value of time for customers and how much they miss getting back on their cars. To provide rapid and error-free service, we use modernised tools that provide exceptional results in car repairing.

Premium Spare Parts:

Whenever there is a need for replacement, we only use manufacturer recommended spare parts from our Brake & Clutch repair shop that adds life to your car after getting treated by us.

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